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You Are Not Here By Accident.

We Want To Help You Tell Great Stories That Inspire Genuine Connection

The Meraki Agency is an award winning creative production agency that stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence celebrated for its remarkable ability to blur the lines between advertising and entertainment.Meraki consistently crafts experiences that transcend mere promotion, captivating audiences with narratives that resonate deeply and linger long after the screen fades to black.We Want To Help You Connect With Your Audience Using The Power Of Story.

Being Clear Is Being Kind

A clear story connects you with your audience in a human way.

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Being Unclear Is Being Unkind

Many amazing brands don’t know how to tell their story in a way that connects with their audience and stands out in a crowded marketplace.Confusion will cost you customers.When you speak in a clear and compelling way, you elevate your brand, build your following, and grow a lasting tribe.And we want that for you. And that's how we can help you.

When You Confuse People,
You Lose People

When it comes to telling your story, it can be difficult to understand how to communicate in a clear and compelling way.We're an award-winning creative agency that has gathered some of the best tools to help your business tell great stories.At our core, we're a vibrant independent agency driven by boundless creativity. We blend the finesse of branding with the infectious energy of entertainment. Join us in crafting experiences that captivate and resonate, where every project is an opportunity to weave magic into the fabric of our brand stories.

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We Believe In Working WITH You - Not FOR You

When we can articulate the things that are unique to your business, then we can craft your story in a way that is honest, clear and compelling.When you have a clear message, you win, and your customer wins.Let's take the next step.

We're Here To Help You

Because every company is unique, we don't apply a one-size-fits-all approach.It wouldn't work.Here are the basics of our process.Schedule a meetup so we can get to know each other.

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Let's Get Started Together

In a world saturated with logos and taglines,
we know that true brand strength runs deeper.
We work along side you to create content that beckon audiences to lean in closer, craving more.

Meet Your Team

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Heath Hollensbe

Heath is a native of Southern California who moved to Washington after spending 10 years in Nashville where he toured as a professional musician (visiting 50 states and 73 countries). After getting his Doctorate degree in Semiotics and Future Studies, he decided to leave his marketing job to start The Meraki Agency. He and his wife have 4 children. He is also a certified StoryTelling Consultant and is available to help with your branding needs.

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Brandon Hendricks

Brandon is a native Washingtonian who is a professional filmmaker and creative storyteller. Regardless of the project thrown at him, Brandon strives to approach each project with a unique perspective and a disciplined work ethic. Having studied at the Los Angeles Film School, he weaves his passion and his talent together to create content that captives all audiences. In his spare time, you will find him golfing, rock climbing, and sipping hazy IPA's.

What Is Meraki?

Pronounced: Murr - Rock - EThe actual translation represents a concept that cannot be translated in one word but it means "something done with one's soul, with creativity, effort and a lot of love".So, we say, it's when we give you everything we've got.

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